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The stakes could not be higher as one of the theater's finest stage directors teams up with one of the world's leading opera companies to tackle opera's most monumental challenge: the production of Wagner's epic Ring cycle - the four-part, 16-hour work that the composer first presented in 1876. For the past 130 years, the quest to produce a perfect Ring has stymied directors, including Wagner himself, who struggled to meet the immense theatrical demands of his own creation. The cosmic vision of gods and mortals vying for power and destroyed by greed calls for astonishing stage visuals of fire storms, flying warriors, and underwater and heavenly actions.


interview with film director, Susan Froemke

Susan Froemke and Bob Eisenhardt's new documentary, Wagner's Dream, centers on director Robert Lepage and soprano Deborah Voigt as they prepare for the greatest operatic challenge of their lives: the composer's epic Ring cycle. But as the filmmakers tell the Met's Matt Dobkin, the real stars of the show may be the stage “machine” and the technical teams that worked tirelessly to tame it.


interview with ring cycle director, Robert lepage

After six years of tireless effort, the Met presents its first new production of Wagner's complete Ring cycle in more than 20 years. Director Robert Lepage discusses opera's supreme challenge.